In 1999 the B.C. government implemented the Homeowner Protection Act, creating the Homeowner Protection Office, and requiring compulsory licensing for builders and mandatory warranty coverage on new homes (click here to see ourarticle about the Homeowner Protection Act).

Under new regulations that came into force on October 1, 2000, repair contractors who arrange, manage or perform building envelope repairs (mainly leaky condo repairs) must be licensed by the Homeowner Protection Office and must offer a warranty on the repairs from a third-party insurance company. A municipality will not issue a building permit for the repair job unless the contractor proves that it is licensed and that the proposed repairs are covered by a third-party warranty. (In areas where a building permit is not required the contractor must still meet these requirements).

The minimum warranty coverage is two years on labour and materials. If 60% or more of any wall is replaced, an additional 5-year warranty on water penetration is required.

These new regulations do not apply to buildings with less than three dwelling units, rental buildings, hotels and motels, dormitories, care facilities, buildings covered by warranty insurance, and buildings with repair costs less than the greater of $10,000 or $2,000 per unit in the building. As well, the regulations do not apply to repairs carried out by the original builder at no charge to the owners or when there is a cost-sharing agreement between the builder and the owners.

If you have any questions about the licensing and warranty requirements under the Homeowner Protection Act, please call us.