BLC as registered and records office

As a business owner, your time and expertise are valuable assets that are best utilized in areas where you can generate the most value. However, the administrative burden of maintaining corporate records and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements can be overwhelming and detract from your core focus. That’s where Beacon Law comes in. Here’s why entrusting Beacon Law with your company’s Registered and Records Office responsibilities can benefit you:

Streamline Your Business: Why choose Beacon Law to act as your company’s Registered and Records (R&R) office:

  • Inspection readiness: Your corporate records must be available for inspection for at least two hours every business day to the public. If your company’s R&R office is your home, anyone wishing to view your shareholder list would have the right to enter your home.
  • Personal Privacy: if your house is the R&R office, your home address is disclosed to the public on a company search.
  • Expertise on Record Inspection: Beacon Law has the expertise on restricting and monitoring record access to third parties. Our team ensures that the appropriate information remains confidential and secure.
  • Automated Filing of Annual Reports: Eliminate compliance worries by having Beacon Law file your annual reports. Save time and reduce administration burdens while staying compliant.
  • Notification of Court Notices: Beacon Law provides a reliable address for receiving important legal correspondence.
  • Hub for Notices: The R&R office is a place for directors to send their notices of resignation.
  • Secured and Safe Record Keeping: Keeping your records at Beacon Law reduces the risk of accidentally losing or destroying your records.
  • Ongoing Record organization: Benefit from Beacon Law’s commitment to keeping your records organized. Well-maintained records will enhance the attractiveness of your company to a potential buyer.
  • Document Date Stamping: We date-stamp all notices which are delivered to the R&R office. This becomes important for limitation dates and limiting liabilities.
  • Address Compliance: If you operate a BC corporation, the R&R office must be located in British Columbia. This may be important if you do not normally reside in BC.


In the summer of 2001, I began my first venture into purchasing an established business and it seemed like a daunting challenge at the time. While first meeting Del Elgersma in his relatively new law practice, I immediately became confident that I would receive the trusted advice and outstanding service that Del sincerely claimed he would provide. Now, nearly ten years later, I heartily attest to receiving such excellent advice and service, and in a very personable way from Del, his law partner Lianne MacDonald, and from all of their friendly and knowledgeable staff. Beacon Law Centre has provided a wide range of legal services to my businesses and to my family. As a true indicator of my satisfaction, I have frequently recommended Beacon Law Centre to other business owners and families in our community.

I have been fortunate to experience growth in my businesses, and the high quality of advice and service from Del and the team at Beacon Law Centre has been important to that success. In business change is inevitable and situations can arise suddenly – it is reassuring to know I can call Del and receive the attention I need in a timely manner.


I am writing to express my appreciation for the service you have provided to my clients and me. You have made my clients feel at ease when asking questions and dealing with things outside of their comfort levels. By explaining the legal aspects of their decision in ‘plain English’, you have become a valuable resource to both my clients and myself. Clients have thanked me for introducing them to a professional whom they can both believe in and trust. I will continue to strongly recommend your services to clients, associates and friends.

L.B., Accountant